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Titanium was introduced to Franck Muller Replica Pilot's family in two limited edition watches, the first for retailer Wempe and then for Celllini. Titanium's light weight adds a great deal of comfort to this 46mm monster. In several cases, the standard Big Pilot with a seven-day reserve has been treated with titanium, notably in limited edition collaborations with retailers like the Italian icon Bartorelli.

In 2017, the brand released its own titanium Big Pilot with a heritage theme. CEO Chris Grainger Herr also posted an Instagram image of a "Safari Edition" featuring a matte titanium case and the dial from the model 5002.

Franck Muller Replica CEO Grainger-Herr posted a photo of the limited edition Big Pilot IW5010-07 with a 5002-inspired dial on Instagram

We are happy to announce that titanium is now available in Franck Muller Replica, including the Double Chronograph and AMG Chronograph. Of particular interest is the Digital Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition.

Ceramic is a crystalline, glass-like material that can be shaped into complex shapes. It is strong and light in weight. It is also almost impervious to scratches by any other material except diamond. It's as strong as hell. It is so strong that it is used to reinforce tank armor and plates for bulletproof vests. Due to its low thermal conduction, it is also used as a coating on jet engines,Rolex Datejust Replica Watches brake discs for F1 cars, dental implants and in the manufacture of knives.

In 1962, the Rado DiaStar won the Red Dot Award as well as the IF Design Award. The case of this watch is made from the hardest metal, tungsten carbide.

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