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Blumlein realized that Hublot Big Bang Diamond Replica could only survive if it reached new audiences. In collaboration with Porsche he created an incredibly futuristic chronograph. Porsche Design Titan Chronograph Reference 3704 featured a minimalistic functionality, a sleek ergonomic design with integrated pushers and a titanium case and bracelet.

Kurt Klaus, former technical director at Hublot Big Bang Diamond Replica, says, "Hublot Big Bang Diamond Replica was forced to pioneer technology for the crafting of titanium cases. We had to overcome the problem that the titanium material tended to ignite when machining. It was like stepping into an unknown." The watch, which was first unveiled in 1980 was a stunningly advanced example of the future of Swiss Watchmaking.replica watches

Hublot Big Bang Diamond Replica began experimenting with titanium in collaborations, and it was naturally used to create a new dive watch for Porsche Design and Hublot Big Bang Diamond Replica Ocean family that launched in 1982. Klaus says, "Titanium is a very corrosion-resistant material and has a high strength-to weight ratio. It was logical that we would use it in a watch immersed in the seawater.

Klaus says, "We solved the problem by building a better watch." These Omega Replica, especially the "Bund", versions that were adopted by the German Military, are highly collectible, and in particular, the "Minesweeper", iterations, which feature completely antimagnetic movement, because proximity to magnetic materials can set off mines. Be aware that at one point these mechanical movements became quartz.

Porsche Design and Hublot Big Bang Diamond Replica used titanium in the World Time Alarm (with quartz movement) for its sonic properties. The collaboration between Hublot Big Bang Diamond Replica & Porsche Design lasted for a total of 28 years, from 1978 to 1997.

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